Charlie Pease

“A few years ago, I discovered The Miracle League of San Diego
and it has changed my life. To watch these special children play
baseball each Saturday in the Spring and Fall gives me immediate
pleasure combined with hope for the future for all our kids”.

Silvia Mah

“Matteo had an incredibly special time with the USD Baseball team during the Miracle League skills clinic last year. The enthusiasm the USD players brought was contagious and Matteo was able to feel like a super star baseball player. He learned and had a BLAST doing all the technical baseball skills, from grounders, to pitching, to hitting.”

Julie Bigelow

“Miracle League is my son’s safe place where disabilities and differences dissolve into friendships and everyone is a champion. Miracle League is the great, feel good, place of San Diego where everyone who experiences it, regardless of their situation, leaves with an assurance that life is indeed a beautiful thing and that all is good. It is truly a local Miracle!”

Julie Bigelow

“When Miracle League came to San Diego, a tremendous gift was handed to our son. Suddenly, Josh now had the opportunity to play ball, just like his sisters, on a beautiful field complete with coaches and buddies and play-by-play announcers. It was truly a dream come true for Josh as well as our family and he ran onto the field laughing with arms pumping in the air, thrilled to have his own field.”

Matt O’Malley

“It has been a blessing for our entire family to be a part of the Miracle League. After participating in the league since its inception, I’m not sure who gets the most out of it – the players and their families – or the volunteers! One thing is for sure, an incredible time is had by all.”

Charlene Walker

“Miracle League has been such a big part of our lives. My family has been touched in a very special way getting to know these beautiful children. Love seeing all the excited faces and smiles!! Let’s Play Ball!!”

James Thomson

My son has an absolute blast with the Miracle League. It has brought so much joy into our lives.

Mary Johnson

?This is an amazing program for our special kids. They feel like regular kids and this is a wonderful experience for them. The program is very well run, and the announcer is incredible. It has given my son a sense of belonging that he does not get anywhere else.?