The Miracle League of San Diego provides children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball in an organized league at two locations in San Diego County: Engel Family Field, a Little Padres Park in San Dieguito Park, Del Mar and Bell Middle School. We have Spring and Fall seasons at both fields and accommodate players ages five and up. Every player is matched with a buddy for the entire season and each buddy is paired with the player based on his or her unique needs. Our mission is to ensure that every participant walks away saying they had a great day!

Our emphasis on the buddy program enables us to also serve our parents. We recognize their daily challenges, and strive to ensure that on every Saturday during the season, they will have an hour to relax, sit in the stands and enjoy the game with fellow parents and fans. Because of our buddy system and because we have multiple coaches on the field, parents can relax with confidence. We encourage parents to coach, but discourage them from being their child?s buddy so their child can experience a new friendship.

Affordability is never a question. While we strive to keep our player registration fees low, we accept all scholarship requests.


Each game lasts an hour and is two innings. Every player bats and every player scores, ensuring a tie score at the end of the game. Announcers are provided with index cards about each player so they have ample material to highlight every player at bat. Participants are asked to arrive fifteen minutes before each game. There are no practices and games are played on Saturdays only. Teams play an average of eight games per season.


The Miracle League of San Diego is all about inclusion. Most of our athletes have been told before that they can?t play mainstream sports. Not at the Miracle League. We welcome and encourage players whether they have an intellectual or physical challenge or both. Often, the Miracle League is the first family activity revolving around the player.

We accept players ages five and up, and create teams of up to 15 similarly-aged children. At Engel Family Field, we can accommodate up to 16 teams a season, while at Green Field we can accommodate up to 10 teams a season.


We are extremely proud of the bonds formed between our buddies and players. Before the games start every Saturday, buddies arrive early to greet their players with a smile and a hug. Hands are held leading players onto the field, walking them up to bat, running the bases, and many times, just because. Over the course of each season, buddies learn exactly what kind of support their athlete needs, and in turn learn more about themselves. Buddies’ self-confidence grow on a parallel path with that of the players. Many of our buddies have been inspired to learn sign language or choose special education as their college curriculum as a result of their involvement in the Miracle League. Most of our buddies stay paired with the same player season after season and often develop friendships beyond the field.

We also have up to three floater buddies per team who fill in with players whose full-time buddy is absent or need additional assistance. Please register as a floater buddy if you believe you can only attend three to five games per season.


Coaches are an essential part of the Miracle League of San Diego. We have at least three coaches per team who are responsible for team orientation, assigning and reassigning buddies as needed, pitching to the players, corresponding to the team via email and phone, and ensuring safety on the field. You may register as a coach if you are at least a junior in high school. Coaches are also responsible for assisting in opening and closing the fields for the first and last games each Saturday. Coaches are requested to arrive 30 minutes prior to game time and must participate in a coaches meeting approximately two weeks prior to the start of each season.

Game Day Volunteers

Volunteer groups like the National Charity League, Teen Volunteers in Action, and San Diego State RTSA, service organizations like Optimist Clubs and Rotary Clubs, and companies like NBC San Diego and CareFusion, fill 100% of our game day volunteer time slots. If your group is interested, please coordinate with Jennifer Hughes, [email protected]