We are extremely proud of the bonds formed between our buddies and players. Before the games start every Saturday, buddies arrive early to greet their players with a smile and a hug. Hands are held leading players onto the field, walking them up to bat, running the bases, and many times, just because. Over the course of each season, buddies learn exactly what kind of support their athlete needs, and in turn learn more about themselves. Buddies’ self-confidence grow on a parallel path with that of the players. Many of our buddies have been inspired to learn sign language or choose special education as their college curriculum as a result of their involvement in the Miracle League. Most of our buddies stay paired with the same player season after season and often develop friendships beyond the field.

We also have up to three floater buddies per team who fill in with players whose full-time buddy is absent or need additional assistance. Please register as a floater buddy if you believe you can only attend three to five games per season.