NBC San Diego Miracle League PSA #3

Advisory Board Members

Dan Alessio In Memoriam
Sue Botos
Jud Buechler
Robert Horsman
Randy Jones
Mark Leslie
John Lynch
Jane Mitchell
Jeanne Rawdin

Player Kyle talks with Buddy Jack about his improvement

Flavio & Christina Alfaro talk about being a Miracle League Family

Dana & Rachel’s Miracle League Friendship

Assistant Superintendent Richard Erhard welcomes Miracle League to Coronado

Engel Family Field Families share their Miracle League Joy

Miracle League Player Will Rocks with the Mets

Miracle League Buddy Annika talks about 6 seasons with Josh

$50,000 and up

AJA Charitable Fund
Brees Dream Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Chafetz
Jack in the Box Foundation
Western Athletic Clubs