Fall 2018 Season

Players, Buddies and Coaches

The Miracle League of San Diego Fall 2018 season begins Saturday, September 8th at Engel Family Field and September 15th at Bell Middle School with Opening Day.

Registration is currently OPEN for Central San Diego at Bell Middle School and North County at Engel Family Field.


Registration closes August 11th!

REMINDER: If you are new to Miracle League and have not already created a family account, please create an account first and then add each MLSD participant to the new account. Once your family has an account and each participant is inputted into the system, you can register each participant as a player, buddy or coach. No child will be turned away because of an inability to pay. If you cannot afford the registration fee, generous donors will make your child’s participation possible.

Independent Division

During the past few season, the Miracle League of San Diego experimented with a pilot program to include more independent players. This pilot program of two teams played every Saturday after all other games were complete and consisted of players who did not want buddies, among other things. Based on the success of the pilot, the Board of Directors has authorized a third season for what is being called the Independent Division (no buddies or parents on field). The Independent Division is for players who do not need the physical or verbal assistance of buddies to run bases, field, throw or hit the ball, or follow directions about where to stand or throw the ball when playing defense. Coaches will be assigned to each team to create line-ups, decide field placement by position, and provide general tips to help players learn the basic rules of the game as well as facilitate participation. This is a fast paced division where “outs” are recorded and we play more than two innings. Please note that a T-ball stand will not be used in the Independent Division.

We will again play these games after the other teams have finished play. If you feel your child meets all of the criteria established to be Independent, it is your option to register your child for this division. If you have any questions or concerns about this division or how games are played, please contact Ryan Bath at 858-750-5692 or before registering!

Group Volunteers at Engel Family Field

Snack Shack, Grill, Score Keeper and Gear/Brick Sales Positions


Group Volunteers at Bell Middle School

Snack Shack, Grill, Score Keeper and Umpire Positions